Education Day

Friday August 31, 2018
9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Open to the Public School Districts, Private Schools,
and Home School Programs

Primary Program Focus:
Fourth or Fifth Grade, Ohio and American History

Not Open to the General Public

Home School Registration

 For more information, please contact
937-882-9216 or

Photos Courtesy of Springfield News & Sun



PARKING & ENTRANCE  Buses and cars are to park in the field across from the park entrance. Classes will walk across the road, under your supervision, though parking directors will be there. STOP at the gate and identify your school.

NAME TAGS  Everyone (students, teachers, and chaperones) must wear NAME TAGS with their name and the name of school.  Name tags are the Teacher responsibility. 

CHAPERONES  Bring one chaperone for every 10 students. Teachers direct their own class, using maps and information that we provide. Costumed participants on the field offer information and guidance.

BEHAVIOR We expect students to be on their best behavior. If any should become boisterous and unruly we will ask that they leave. Please keep them on the field. This is NOT the day for hiking on the trails.

DISPLAYS  Students are NOT to handle the displays of the participants unless invited to do so. Most of the items are owned by private collectors and are quite valuable. Also, students are not to enter any unmanned booth or tavern.

LUNCH, DRINKS, & TRASH Students may bring sack lunches. Lemonade is 25 cents at Littlejohn’s Tavern. PLEASE clean up all trash after lunch. Some classes bring large coolers with lunches and drinks of their choice. If you do this, have the name of your school or class on the cooler and you can store it behind Littlejohn’s. Some food booths offer small portions at reasonable prices. There is a water fountain behind the barn.

RESTROOMS  Port-a-johns are located in the woods on both sides of the field. Follow the arrows that say “NECESSARIES.”

SOUVENIRS Souvenirs and books will be sold at the GRCHA Gift Shop. Small groups of children, with a chaperone, are encouraged to visit it throughout the day rather than converging there just before leaving. Some merchants also offer inexpensive items. If children buy TIN WHISTLES, PLEASE ask them NOT to blow them around the ANIMALS or near reenactors who are talking to students. Thank you.

MONUMENT & HERTZLER HOUSE  You may visit the tall monument memorializing George Rogers Clark and Tecumseh on the hillside beside the Hertzler House. The Hertzler House is closed on Education Day and will not be staffed.

LIGHTNING  In case of LIGHTNING, take your class to the Gathering House or to your bus, NOT under trees, until the threat passes.

DAY ENDS AT 2:00 p.m. Please have all children off of the field by 2:00 PM. We need to continue setting up for The Fair at New Boston.